With  Meds in Motion

Problem = Medication Adherence

Patients STRUGGLE with current popular methods.

For some reason, the most popular way to provide medication to patients isn't easy.
Vials make it easy to forget to take medication (perhaps sending them back to hospital).
Pill-boxes are time consuming and leave pills unlabeled, and not portable. But Meds in Motion has the perfect solution.

Solution = The All-New


Get your patients to LOVE you even more.
Let Meds in Motion Pharmacy make their lives (and yours) easier!

Strip = No Vials/Boxes

Your patients or their loved ones will no longer need to spend hours packaging a pill box. We did all the work. For free. You're welcome.

Easy to Read & Manage

Our MotionPack has every medication clearly labeled so your patients can easily check what they're taking. Are they also taking supplements and vitamins? Not a problem, we can add those in as well!

Quick and Portable

Patient wants to head out to dinner with their kids? They can just throw that meals packet in their wallet/purse and go!

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