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Tired of packing pill boxes? Let Meds in Motion Pharmacy do it for you!

Your Medication on a Strip.

This state-of-the-art technology packages multiple medications in one strip according to your schedule.

FREE Packaging and Delivery.

If we fill your prescription, the MotionPack is free. And if you can't come pick it up, we'll send it to you for free too!

Online Prescriptions with Meds in Motion

Register Today

If you have prescriptions with our pharmacy, take a few minutes and register online so that you have access to your prescriptions online.

Easy Refilling

After reviewing your prescriptions, you can mark prescriptions to send a refill request online. Securely refill prescriptions online. It can't get any easier!

Review Online

Once you've registered and authenticated your account, you can review your prescriptions, drug information and can see all the information pertaining to your prescribing doctor.

We Now Offer Compounding!

Allergic, difficulty with drug taste, or are your previous medications no longer available?
Contact us to see how our new compounding services can help you!