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Stop spending so much time with bottles and pill boxes!  Let Meds in Motion Pharmacy's strip packaging make life easy for you.

Fast and Easy

Organizing pill boxes is a pain, we know. But it's one you'll never have to experience again with the MotionPack™. All your meds are already pre-sorted for you by day and time!

Stop Wondering

Ever wonder if you've already taken your medication. Wonder no longer! Just check the date and time of the next pack to see you're on schedule.

Safe and Secure

Every MotionPack™ is reviewed by a pharmacist and a machine that takes a photo of every pack to check for irregularities.

One Strip = One Refill

No need to keep track of multiple pill bottles, often with different refill dates. Meds in Motion will get all your medication on one refill schedule in one pack.

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