Fertility with Meds In Motion

Send Perscription.

It can be sent via phone, fax, or eScript. We just need a phone number so we can contact the patient. (We can even make a custom script pad just for your facility) Once we get the prescription and phone number, the doctor's work is DONE!

We Call The Patient.

We will verify ALL info including insurance, address, allergies, etc. We have every coupon so doctors don't have to give them to their patients, and our compounded medication prices are fantastic.

We Send The Medication.

We will mail the medication to the patient at NO COST! This means no waiting in line, no hassles, and no patients calling doctors because their medications were not approved, not in stock or too expensive.

Our Promise

We make your job easier.

We know that every fertility journey is unique, each with its own set of challenges. Meds in Motion specializes in working with with medical professionals and their patients to make everybody's job easier. When it comes to fertility we take our promise even further. Our incredibly effective compounds have helped patients save up to 50% on an IVF fertility cycle, and our best-in-class service includes finding the cheapest prices and automatically applying manufacturer coupons to all commerical medications. And always, shipping is free.

Our History

Built on trust.

Providers, we want to be your one stop for your fertility medication needs. You can always trust Meds in Motion Pharmacy to be a great price for your patients, whether they have insurance coverage or not. Please contact us so we can tell you more! And those of you on your own fertility journey, Meds in Motion Pharmacy is your solution. Let our great service, quality compounded medications and incredible prices help alleviate your stress, letting you focus on growing your family!

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