Pharmaceutical Representatives

With  Meds in Motion

Meds in Motion Pharmacy specializes in working with with medical professionals and their patients to make everybody's job easier.  What does that mean for you as a drug rep?

How many sales have you lost because a patient didn't have a coupon?  Or because a pharmacist switched to a generic because it was "cheaper"?  Or because a doctor received so many PAs he quit prescribing?

Meds in Motion Pharmacy is your solution.  We have a 90% fill rate!  And how easy is it?  Read on.

Medication with MEDS IN MOTION


It can be sent via phone, fax, or eScript. We just need a phone number so we can contact the patient. Once we get the prescription and phone number, the doctor's work is DONE!


We will verify ALL info including insurance, address, allergies, etc. We have every coupon so doctors don't have to give them to their patients. Then we bring the price down as much as possible.


We will mail the medication to the patient at NO COST! This means no waiting in line, no hassles, and no patients calling doctors because their medications were not approved, not in stock or too expensive.

A Better Refill Rate

The average retail pharmacy has a refill rate of only 45%. Meds in Motion Pharmacy has an average refill rate of 90%.

We also do a much better job of tracking refills. On average, a retail pharmacy will get 8 fills per customer in a year. Meds in Motion fills 13 times per year.

That means if you partner with us, you'll can see a 165% increase in your sales.

Our Rep Partners are Very Successful

Partnering with Meds in Motion Pharmacy works! We have the numbers to prove it.

In our first two years and with only one retail location we became the highest prescribing pharmacy in various medications for:

Diabetes, Pain Management, Migraines, Weight Loss, Vision and More!

Let's add what you're selling to the list!

Keeping Both Doctor and Patient Happy

As a drug rep you know how important it is to keep both the doctor and the patient happy. We communicate between the two in a clear and concise fashion.

This keeps the doctor happy (because we don't send unnecessary PA step-edits or rejected claims back to them) and it keeps the patient happy (because we obtain, activate and apply any and all coupons to insure the lowest cost).

Keeping the doctor happy means getting more prescriptions. The easier it is for them to write, the more they will do it. Our job is to make it easy.