The Way A Pharmacy Should Be

SERVICE AND COMMUNICATION. That's what sets us apart from the other pharmacies.

You see, most big box companies are caught up in the numbers game, just trying to get as many people out the door as quickly as possible. Patient care is on the back burner. We're different.

Want the BEST PRICE for your medication? We look for every possible coupon to your prescription. Want FAST SERVICE? We can deliver your prescription to your home - you'll never need to stand in line again. Try us, you'll be glad you did.

Meds in Motion is home of the MotionPack, an ingenious new way to package medication. No more dealing with multiple vials or a pillbox. All your meds can in one simple strip. And it's FREE.

We are proactive not only about communication, but also in patient care. That's why Meds in Motion has a Service Center with dedicated pharmacists and technicians ready to take your calls, or call you to make sure you never forget to refill your meds.

This approach is not only convenient for patients, but also ensures doctors that the patient has their medication.
We love working with nurses and other healthcare professionals to make everyone's lives easier. Our MotionPack ELIMINATES the need for PILLBOXES so visits with loved ones can be spent with them, and not with their medication.

Also, our MotionPack strips are completely PORTABLE, so any weekend trips home (or even a quick lunch) can take place a moment's notice.

The Meds in Motion team

Dan Richards

Dan Richards


Dan holds a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree from Roseman University. He worked in various retail pharmacies including Walmart, Shopko and Harmon’s before starting Meds in Motion. He is passionate about giving healthcare professionals the tools they need to provide the best care for their patients.

Loren Dalton

Loren Dalton


Loren received his MBA from the Harvard Business School.  During his career, he served as the President of three different companies, all owned by Harte-Hanks, Inc. He has a track record of turning around struggling businesses and building successful startups.  He and Dan started Meds in Motion with the aggressive goal of being the most customer-centric pharmacy in the world.

Doug Thompson

Doug Thompson


Doug received his Accounting Degree from Penn State. He worked as the the VP of Finance for the, and prior to the Pennysaver he worked for Dow Jones. Doug has a talent for growing a company while making sure customer care is always the top responsibility.